SAVVY ECG  is  a portable Medical Device for long term and precise monitoring of heart rhythm and identification of any potential irregularities. It was Developed in cooperation with R&D team of Parallel and Distributed Systems LaboratoryDepartment of Communications Systems at Josef Stefan Institut.  It complies with European Health Standards. It is CE certified as class IIa Medical device. SAVVY is simple to use. Due to its wireless operation, small size and materials used, it is unobtrusive during work, movements, or sport.

More about Authors Roman Trobec, Viktor Avbelj, Uroš Stanič, Matjaž Depolli, Aleksandra Rashkovska, Tomaž Krištofelc, Klemen Bregar, Ivan TomašićGregor Kosec, can be obtained by clicking on their names. 

SAVVY ECG a comprehensive and reliable solution for: cardiovascular patient, athletes, elderly, and those with an active lifestyle who wish to monitor their wellbeing by themselves. To those susceptible to cardiovascular conditions or those with an unhealthy lifestyle it allows, after a consultation with a physician, early detection of problems and implementation of appropriate preventive measures.

SAVVY ECG medical device is available over the counter. It allows independent and reliable ECG measurements that can be, due to its simple use, taken by anyone. SAVVY allows measurements adapted to personal needs and habits of an individual, thereby improving the monitoring of issues and helping a physician to determine a diagnosis.

Operation chart


postion SAVVY ECG on one of 7 postions (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). 

Records heart

activities following your common daily routine.

Application MobECG

during meassurement:

MARK EVENT function

- hystory overview of meassurement records (limited by the device storage).

ECG REPORT for your Physician

simpy PRESENT  at your medical check-up or send it via e-mail


on the basis of ECG REPORT has to be done by your Physician. 



Highlights of Savvy ECG

7 days

without charging

2 Hours

fast charge


months guarantee

up to 500

charging cycles

IP 54

shower proof


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