Professional corner

Fung E, Järvelin M-R, Doshi RN, Shinbane JS, Carlson SK, Grazette LP, Chang PM, Sangha RS, Huikuri HV and Peters NS Electrocardiographic patch devices and contemporary wireless cardiac monitoring. Front. Physiol.2015; 6:149.

(Adhesive AECG patch devices have recently been demonstrated to be superior to Holter monitors in diagnosing AF, largely due to a longer study period and higher study completion rate owing to unobtrusive, user-friendly designs.)

Rosenberg,M.A.,Samuel,M.,Thosani,A.,andZimetbaum,P.J. Use of a noninvasive continuous monitoring device in the management of atrial fibrillation:a pilot study. PacingClin.Electrophysiol. 36,328–333


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